The area combines traditional Balinese elements
    with modern style to create a unique atmosphere

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    The Canggu area is one of the most popular and picturesque places on the island

    Situated on the southwest coast, Canggu attracts tourists with its beautiful beaches, surfing waves, cozy cafes and restaurants, and a rich cultural and historical atmosphere

    The Canggu area stretches between Kerobokan and Echo Beach. Canggu is full of colorful beach bars. The waves on Canggu's coastline are suitable for surfers, and the beaches are full of hipsters and beautiful girls

    In the Canggu area, all beaches are surf beaches

    All beaches have dark gray sand and fairly large waves


    Here you can find many restaurants, cafes, shops, supermarkets and banks

    There are also hospitals, schools and sports facilities in the area, making it a convenient place to live

    The infrastructure of the Canggu area in Bali is well developed

    The district consists of three main districts

    Each of which opens onto one of Canggu's three main beaches and bears the name of each beach

    Berawa, Batu Balong and Eco Beach


    The architecture is mainly in the style of the Balinese tradition

    With elements of modern design

    Many villas and hotels here have traditional Balinese roofs

    Open areas and decorative elements


    You can find cuisines from all over the world, trendy bowls, snacks and sandwiches, vegetarian food

    300 restaurants and cafes here

    Most of which offer absolutely amazing and healthy food

    In addition to many gastronomic joys

    Canggu also offers great shopping opportunities in style

    In addition to tiny shops and boutiques, many of which offer beautiful clothing, accessories and home products from local designers made from natural materials and fabrics

    Economic attractiveness

    Economic activity in the Canggu area is focused mainly on tourism and tourist services

    Restaurants, shops and hotels offer a choice of services for visitors

    The developed infrastructure of the area makes it a convenient place to live for both tourists and local residents