An area of ​​luxury villas, clubs and restaurants for every taste and budget

    $270 000

    Average price m2

    from 10%

    Down payment

    Seminyak is suitable for people who value and love their comfort

    They like to stay in luxury villas or hotels, spend time in restaurants, surfing or shopping.
    Here you can find everything you need for a great holiday: gorgeous beaches, luxury restaurants, fashion stores, nightclubs

    There is a very active nightlife here. The area is also famous for its shops, which offer a wide selection of goods - from souvenirs and clothing to designer items

    The main attraction of the area is its beaches

    Here you can enjoy beautiful views of the ocean, swim in warm waters and enjoy amazing sunsets


    The infrastructure of the Seminyak area in Bali is well developed

    Seminyak: a great place for nightlife lovers

    Seminyak regularly hosts cool parties where world-famous DJs and performers perform

    Seminyak boasts a developed surfing infrastructure

    The sea waves here are not too high and are stable

    They are called “break weaves” - they, when refracted, drive the foam towards the shore


    The architecture of Seminyak is a mixture of traditional Balinese style and modern design

    One of the architectural features of Seminyak is the use of swimming pools

    Hotels and villas have swimming pools that serve both for swimming and for creating an atmosphere of relaxation

    Open areas and decorative elements.


    Restaurants and cafes

    There are many restaurants and cafes in Seminyak

    Offering a variety of cuisine - from traditional Balinese to international. Here you can try fresh seafood, exotic fruits and drinks


    Seminyak is famous for its boutiques and shops

    Where you can buy fashionable clothes, accessories and art. There are also many markets where you can buy local goods and souvenirs

    Economic attractiveness

    Seminyak is a popular tourist destination due to its nature

    There are many natural attractions such as beaches, reefs and waterfalls. This attracts tourists who want to enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature

    Economic activity in the Seminyak area is mainly focused on tourism and tourist services

    Seminyak has developed infrastructure, roads, airports, hotels, restaurants and shops

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