The cultural capital of Bali. The area is filled with creative workshops, art galleries and shops with many souvenirs produced by Balinese artisans

    $130 000

    Average price m2

    from 10%

    Down payment

    There are many yoga studios in Ubud, and meditation practices are also developed here

    Not far from Ubud there are interesting places of entertainment for tourists - museums, temples, Bird Park, zoo, Monkey Forest, botanical garden

    From Ubud it is easy to get to tourist locations: volcanoes, lakes and waterfalls

    Ubud is a green area, surrounded by jungle, greenery and rice terraces

    The Ubud area is known for its comfortable climate; it is located at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level, far from the ocean, so it is not hot here, but not as cold as in the north of Bali


    Special attention should be paid to spa treatments in Ubud

    A large number of spa salons with various programs

    Such a relaxing atmosphere as in Balinese spas is extremely rare. The sound of nature, the aromas of flowers and candles, tropical forests around and the work of professional craftsmen

    The restaurants place special emphasis on healthy eating

    Over 200 restaurants in Ubud with excellent cuisine

    In the area you can find establishments of different price categories, which will differ in the variety of menus, level of service, quality of interior, and so on


    You should definitely visit the main museums (Neka, ARMA, Seniwati) and get acquainted with traditional Balinese art

    Many art galleries, craft workshops and cultural centers

    Be sure to visit the Art Market, a crafts market where you won’t be able to resist buying some unusual souvenir

    Ubud exudes a peaceful and secluded atmosphere

    Ubud is the home of retreats and the spiritual center of Bali

    The vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Ubud are second to none, giving you access to top-notch chefs who have a knack for creating delicious, healthy dishes

    Economic attractiveness

    Ubud is the leader in the number of five-star hotels in Bali

    Most of the attractions are located in this area. The flow of tourists is no less than in coastal areas

    Quick payback ensures stable demand for real estate, making it an attractive option for those looking for long-term benefits

    The return on investment for real estate is faster than in other areas

    Ubud's reputation as a timeless place