The most mysterious and alluring area with its beauty
    is located in the southwestern point of the Bukit Peninsula

    $132 000

    Average price m2

    from 10%

    Down payment

    Incredibly beautiful sunsets and excellent surfing conditions

    Uluwatu is most valued by advanced surfers; for them it is simply a paradise, as you can catch steep waves. In addition, there are many party spots where surfers gather in the evenings

    Here, stunning coastal cliffs, beaches and famous breakwaters create a stunning atmospheric backdrop for luxury hotels, villas and restaurants

    The beach is the main location for surfers on the peninsula

    There is all the infrastructure here - surf schools, shops, equipment rental, bars, cafes and restaurants


    Uluwatu Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bali

    It is known for its high waves, which attract surfers from all over the world

    The infrastructure of the Uluwatu region in Bali is well developed

    Uluwatu Temple: located on top of a cliff with stunning ocean views

    The temple is an important place for local residents and is visited during various religious festivals


    The architecture of the Uluwatu area is mainly represented by traditional Balinese buildings and structures

    Balinese architecture is characterized by the use of natural materials

    In Uluwatu you can see traditional Balinese houses, which usually have open floor plans and high roofs

    The houses are painted with intricate designs, statues that reflect Balinese culture


    Surf schools

    There are several surf schools in the Uluwatu area

    At low tide you will see a small beach, and at high tide there is a raging ocean. They surf here in medium and low water. Tides and tides affect which peak will work

    Cultural events

    The Uluwatu area hosts various cultural events

    Cultural events in the Uluwatu area offer visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in Balinese culture and traditions, as well as enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the region

    Economic attractiveness

    Uluwatu is a popular tourist destination in Bali, which makes it attractive

    Uluwatu attracts many tourists from all over the world thanks to its beautiful beaches, excellent surfing conditions and stunning sunsets. Tourism is the main source of income for the area

    This creates opportunities for investment and real estate development, which also contributes to the economic development of the area

    The construction of residential complexes is actively developing in the Uluwatu region

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